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Nuestro Equipo

Nuestros caminos se volvieron a cruzar después de años de trabajo juntos, para crear este Proyecto. Unidos por la pasión por el Cliente, la Excelencia y resultados de alto Impacto.


14 years of experience in Retail and Financial Retail Walmart Chile.    Led the Implementation of the Customer Experience model at the Point of Sale, channels and Business transformation. This experience is added to almost 10 years of work in other Service companies in the Systems Development area.

Karla in her different leadership roles,  articulated  teams  Multidisciplinary in charge of implementing efficiency and transformation programs with the Strategic view of the omnichannel customer at the center.

Expert in design and redesign of business processes.

Education: Computer and Information Engineer USACH and Executive MBA Adolfo Ibañez.

Expert  with 25 years of experience  in the Retail industry; His leadership allowed him to develop an extensive career at Walmart Chile, contributing to the transformation and evolution of the physical business to the development of the digital world. Hugo has a comprehensive view of E2E process management and operational excellence through a disruptive and challenging approach, focused on the omnichannel customer experience as a priority of any business development or project.

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Professional with 20 years of experience in people management and operations in the retail and financial retail industry. Andrea led the transformation of the business, evolving the operating model, streamlining and modernizing people management, enhancing the digital experience of collaborators.  Articulated the integration and expansion of omnichannel at Walmart.  He led the Business Agility project with BCG consulting, evolving the organizational structure and its culture.

Expert in Change Management as a fundamental pillar in people management. 

Coach Newfield

"The combination of disciplines makes us resilient in the face of any innovative challenge."

"We seek to mobilize collective performance potential, with methodologies that accelerate business results and skills development."

"From different perspectives we focus on ideas and solutions that mobilize and impact business results"


The role of a Growth Partner is to become a catalyst for your business success. It is a strategic ally that drives growth, provides experience and collaborates in achieving your objectives. If you are looking for a faster and more effective path to business growth, consider adding a Growth Partner to your team. The difference we can make is amazing.

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